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Very emotional, epic, and thoughtfull

Thematicly it reminded me of "The Guild" the duality of our relatively mudane existance on one world, but our importance in the lesser/fake realitys it has created.

ha :D

Fantastic little idea, good job with it!

It amaze's me...

How so many people can form viewpoints without looking into the issue :-/

So many people think the writters are whining over nothing, or that just because a few or even most shows suck they deserve nothing.

They seem to skip over issues like the fact that (most) writters have no job security and can only garnety income for a season at best.

If someones making a constant stream of money from your work, then you deserve a share of it.
Seems perfectly fair to me.
The more money you make them, the more you should get. The less you make them, the less you get.
Simple. Give the writters a percentage accross all mediums.
It both rewards good writting and punishs bad.

Offering the writters a flat $200 a year for internet distribution is insane.

The writters are darn right to strike as its perfectly clear to most people the future is in internet distribition, and not traditional broadcasting.

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Has a lot of potential. Gameplay works ok, mostly the presentation needs work :)
Try to make some nicer backgrounds, add a little border, some sort of score/time popup at the end of each level etc.
Also, if you crash into too many cars you should reset the level because its impossible to do.


Excelent game.
Vaguely like the WiiWare game Robox, but without the insane difficulty.
This game has a fantastic style too, and some neat ideas.

good,but not great

Doddle God worked better I think as that was a little more logical.
Some of the combinations here seem too abstract or random.
I think also a few obvious ones, particularly to do with Sex seemed to have been avoided, purhapes as not to be too rude .(Sex+Book = Porn, Sex + Beast = Beastality etc).

Still, the core gameplay still could make another game or two, just have to work out how to add variation.
Oh, and the quotes as always, were great and added quite a bit.

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Love this...its playfull and epic, constantly changing yet also consistent and smooth!

I'd love to use part of this track for a title sequence of a little review show I am making. The show will have a very silly....yet kinda epic...opening and part of your track fits<em> perfectly.</em>
We have absolutely zero budget but will credit and link to you however you like.

If you ever read this please contact me :)

Im not expert in flash, but see my avatar? I make stuff like that. :)Also CGI animations and graphics.

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